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Winsol Groundworks Privacy Policy




Privacy Statement


At WInSol Groundworks we value the privacy of our customers. Thus, we have established systems to ensure the safety and security of your personal information. We do not share, sale, or distribute your information with third parties. Further, collecting customer information is essential in meeting your unique needs. Personal information is used to establish a point of contacts as to discover the job type and scope of our clients.




Collecting Personal Information


WinSol Groundworks gathers personal information via a webform to ensure that our customer's needs are met. Information is strictly used in a lawful manner and in accordance with the standards set forth in the  privacy policy. Personal information is not shared, re-distributed, or sold to third parties.

By visiting our website, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy. Customers retain the right to not submit personal information, however this can hinder our team from properly assessing and meeting your needs. We have established computer safe guards as well as physical access controls to ensure the safety of our customers personal information. Information disseminated by a minor will not be used.






Links to third party vendors are prevalent on our website, however we are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of said information. Furthermore, we do not assume responsibility for the validity of the content or ensuring that it is current.




Copy Right


The information on this website is the property of WinSol Groundworks and its affiliates unless otherwise noted. Copying, retransmitting, or reproducing any material on this site is prohibited.

Privacy Policy

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