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Our concrete colors are provided by Proline Concrete Tools.

Click here to download Proline's DURA-COLOR HARDENER chart.

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PROLINE CONCRETE TOOLS DISCLAIMER: The colors shown are approximate, and as close as possible, to represent concrete with flat trowel finish and sealed with Dura Seal HG Sealer. Proline Dura Products is not responsible for application methods, finishing techniques, curing methods, and other conditions and therefore cannot guarantee an exact match. Various texturing and finishing techniques such as troweling or brooming, the use of sealers, and color variations in raw materials can produce variations in colors. Proline Dura Products highly recommends a representative job sample to be done for each project.




Dry-shake Color Hardeners come as powders that are hand broadcast onto the freshly placed concrete and then worked into the surface with a float or trowel. Proline's Dura Color Hardener is a uniform, streak-free concrete color hardener that's durable enough for high traffic areas. In addition to adding color to concrete, it makes a great base for stamped concrete. 

Click here to download the Proline Dura Colors Chart

Davis Colors™ mix into any concrete, transforming it into a new design deature for building projects or to enhance the appearance of your home. Davis Colors™ are strong, durable and last as long as the concrete.


Winsol Groundworks will install Davis Colors™ in cast-in-place and slab-on-grade concrete.

Click here to download the Davis Colors Integral Colors Chart

DAVIS COLORS™ DISCLAIMER: Do not use this pdf (and online) version of our color chart for your final color selection.

Please finalize your color selection from a job-site test, visit a similar project or refer to our original printed color card or hard samples.

Our integral concrete colors are provided by Davis Colors™.

Click here to download Davis Colors™ chart.

For more details and options for your home improvement projects,

please visit

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